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"Attention peinture toujours fraiche"

09 October 2013

A show with subtitles in English and Spanish, held in conjunction with the major exhibition "Frida Kahlo / Diego Rivera. L'art en fusion" that can be visited at the museum of the Orangerie.
Frida is on stage through the evolution of the actress Lupe Velez, hopping between costumes and colorful paintings andpuppets, in the world of revolutionary artist. Surrealist enough to take a critical look at the movement, in the fierce controversy with the fashion designers of the old continent, energetic feminist hailed by the great leaders of his era (Kandinsky, Ernst, Duchamp, Miro, Picasso ...), and exposed to the four corners of the globe, Frida explodes in every moment of this representation steeped in painting, still as fresh as the title indicates, and very much alive.