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Animated trailer for the graphic novel "La casa azul" by Tyto Alba

03 December 2014

Spanish illustrator Tyto Alba explores Frida Kahlo’s personal life and her relationship with Mexican singer Chavela Vargas in the graphic novel “The Blue House.”

The title of the graphic novel (a novel illustrated in the style of comics) is a reference to Frida parents’ home, which was known as “La Casa Azul.” The book was narrated by Chavela, talking about experiences and shared memories between both, the Mexican artist and the recognized singer who passed in 2012.

It was long rumored that Kahlo and Vargas engaged in a bisexual romantic affair. In 2009, the “Los Angeles Times” reported that a diary purportedly belonging to Kahlo described the painter’s intense attraction to the singer.

In older interviews, she said some things and in recent ones, she said others,” said Alba, the author of the book. “In some she said she spent a week in the ‘Blue House’ and in others she said it had been years. There is no documentation to verify the relationship.”

taken from voxxi.com

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Check out this video for an interview with Chavela Vargas (2011).