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"Alas para volar" Frida Kahlo Festival in Bari, Italy, from 13 to 28 July

10 July 2024

Art and MORE Gallery in Bari presents the 5th edition of "Alas para volar" Frida Kahlo Festival, a travelling event.
This Festival takes place every year in July, as this month coincides with both the date of birth and the date of death of this extraordinary artist.
Frida Kahlo was born on 6 July 1907 and died on 13 July 1954, so this year marks 70 years since her death. Seventy years in which this woman continues to be a landmark, an example of strength, tenacity and creativity.
Now known globally, her look and her wreath are everywhere. Her extreme commercialisation, at times boring, repetitive and banal, is nothing more than the immense echo that this woman continues to spread. It is good to go beyond her image, to look inside her more carefully, and that is what this festival is here for.
A cultural exchange between two countries that are so distant but have found a point of connection in this small space.
The Festival, therefore, is a celebration of Frida Kahlo with a series of events dedicated to her. Here below a few of them:

For the opening day, a typical Mexican ofrenda will be set up in his memory: flowers, candles and music will take people for a few moments to another land, to celebrate together the beginning of this Festival.

Sunday 14  Screening of the film 'Frida, Naturaleza Viva' by Paul Leduc (1986)
Before Julie Taymor's biopic starring Salma Hayek, the life of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo was brought to the screen by fellow Mexican director Paul Leduc. It is Kahlo herself, from her deathbed, who recalls the highlights of her difficult and palpitating existence, from the accident that marked her body to her political activism and the people who were part of it, from Diego Rivera to Lev Trotsky.A striking resemblance to the actress Ofelia Medina.

Friday 19 Readings and stories dedicated to the artist: "Frida and Diego: it is love that moves art".
Stefania Meneghella speaks, reading a text she has written dedicated to the complicated relationship of the world's best-known Mexican couple.

Sunday 21 Readings and stories dedicated to the artist: "Frida Kahlo and Olga Costa".
Mariella Medea Sivo speaks for the fourth consecutive edition, comparing Frida Kahlo and the Mexican artist, a contemporary of the latter, Olga Costa.

Complete info and logistic details at this link (in Italian).