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New Biopic “Winter as Frida Kahlo” directed by the Australian film directors Noah Brothers

08 May 2024

This remarkable cinematic event will make its world premiere at various international film festivals in late 2024.

"Winter as Frida Kahlo" , which explores the intricate relationship between art, betrayal, and love that characterized Frida's life, was directed by the highly regarded Noah Brothers while Cheyenne Rae Hernandez, Simon Palomares, and Daniel Schepisi deliver unforgettable performances in the movie.

The film is set in 1935 and begins with a moving scene at Frida Kahlo's funeral and revisits the significant influences that her relationships had on both her personal and artistic lives. In a dual role, Cheyenne Rae Hernandez plays Frida Kahlo and her sister Cristina, whose liaison with Diego Rivera, Kahlo's husband, adds nuance to the story. Anywhere the movie is screened, her performance is sure to draw attention.

“This film is not just a recount of Frida’s life but a reimagining of her emotional world,” said Bramwell Noah, the film’s writer and co-director. “We set out to capture the essence of her pain and passion, what made Frida the Frida who continues to stare down the world today as she did her own.”

The movie also looks at Kahlo's close ties to her Mexican heritage and how those ties shaped her colorful, frequently surreal artistic style. These components are integrated into the narrative and visual style, offering a more comprehensive portrait of Kahlo as a person and an artist.

Terry Tubbs, the costume designer, set out to create a world that evokes the feeling of a painting coming to life while retaining the very human story.

“I didn’t want to just copy the Frida look. It was important to exemplify the person she was behind the headlines and do justice to Frida’s incredible legacy,” says Tubbs. “Every frame of the film is infused with the colors, textures, and symbols that made her work so powerful and enduring.”

Visit the official movie website below for a closer look at the adaptation of Frida Kahlo's legendary tale.