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"Frida: Stroke of passion" in Los Angeles from May 31 to June 9 at Casa 0101 Theater

29 April 2024

A reimagined immersive staging of Odalys Nanin's critically acclaimed 2017 production Frida: Stroke of Passion is revived for a limited engagement at Casa 0101 Theater. The play recreates Frida's world through her vivid paintings of animals and vegetation that are complemented by sounds from Frida's environment.

An intimate look at Frida's mental and physical state during the final week of her life, where fantasy and reality collide and are sufficiently eerie to create a living, breathing dramatic experience.

On July 7, 1954, Frida's 47th birthday, the play opens. In exactly one week, she will pass away. The story will delve into the enigmatic circumstances surrounding her demise. (Her official cause of death is given; however, how exactly did she pass away?)

Still, this is not all. It's the tale of a woman trying to live as fully as she can in spite of deteriorating health and an unbearable world.

She tries to paint some more. After being given a combination of tequila and painkillers to partially unconscious her, she receives visits from numerous male and female lovers, including singer Chavela Vargas, actress Maria Felix, communist politician Leon Trotsky, performer Josephine Baker, photographer Tina Modotti, Cuban spy Teresa Proenza, and Frida's husband, painter and muralist Diego Rivera. Some are recreated and physically present in her room, while others are only recalled with clarity.

Odalys Nanin is the playwright, director, and Frida herself. With her two decades of artistic output, she has become an iconic figure in the LGBTQ and Latinx communities.

Logistic info and tickets at the link to the theater website.

The play's 2017 original edition's trailer can be seen on the YouTube video below.