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"Frida Kahlo I Am My Own Muse" by Paul Parsons at Avant Gallery in Florida

23 April 2024

Inspired by the legendary style and essence of Frida Kahlo, Paul Parsons has skillfully used artificial intelligence to produce a line of limited edition prints. Every piece offers a new angle on the famous artist and is a monument to the combination of tradition and cutting-edge technology. Parsons's distinctive style combines the well-known with the unexpected; for this first series, called Fragments of Resilience, he created vibrant pictures of Frida Kahlo that give the impression that she is made of mosaics and porcelain.

Paul Parsons, an artist from the UK, combines indeed his love of pop culture with generative AI in his work. While retaining the icon's likeness, his distinctive style adapts to novel mediums and situations.

Limited edition prints of the photographs, which are printed on fine art paper, both recreate and capture the essence of Kahlo. The intriguing thing about these pieces is the query they pose, "What is it?" These dynamic prints transcend media boundaries; despite being created with artificial intelligence, each piece simultaneously evokes sculpture and photography. 

Each piece looks to be a photograph of a sculpture that has been created in ceramics or mosaics with gold leaf accents, depicting the artist's likeness and producing a beautiful and creative portrait. 

The support of the Frida Kahlo Museo and Corporation, devoted to conserving the artist's extensive legacy, sets this exhibition apart from all others. 

This first series of AI-generated artworks is available for public viewing and purchase at Avant Gallery + Home in Aventura Mall as of March 13, 2024.

See images at the Avant Gallery website below.