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  • Frida Kahlo among Pellegrino's "Iconic Women" made of wood and lights at the Milan Design Week

Frida Kahlo among Pellegrino's "Iconic Women" made of wood and lights at the Milan Design Week

10 April 2024

Ten pop icons for ten stories, for ten female voices that give a soul to the light installations. 

The project makes use of of eight famous women (and very recognisable, from Raffaella Carrà to Frida Kahlo and Madonna, from Marylin to Moira Orfei, from Queen Elizabeth to Barbie, to the icon par excellence, the dancer Carla Fracci) that become installations in wood and LED lights, asking for a body to as many tales - from the book  È tutta apparenza by Eleonora Lombardo - interpreted by ten voices of today, played by ten Sicilian women from the world of entertainment.. They lent their voices (in alphabetical order): Stefania Auci, Giusina Battaglia, Stefania Blandeburgo, Emma Dante, Marianna Di Martino, Donatella Finocchiaro, Eleonora Lombardo, Stefania Petyx, Barbara Tabita, and little Anna Sofia Pellegrino, with the children of the Ditirammu Theatre; as well as ten vinyl records, with the audio track and digital content usable via App.  A subtle thread that emerges here and there, between a vision and a narration, remains Sicily, the convex soul that Domenico Pellegrino always carries within himself.

At the IsolaSET exhibition space from 15 to 26 April.

A public programme of events, workshops and guided tours are planned to accompany the exhibition, as well as an anthological appendix on Domenico Pellegrino.

After Milan, the exhibition will move to Favignana and, in the autumn, to Palermo.

See below the YouTube video with an interesting interview to Domenico Pellegrino about the project (in Italian).