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Inaugurated today the photographic exhibition “Frida Kahlo. A revolutionary Life” in Otranto, Italy

27 March 2024

From 27 March to 15 November 2024 in the Castello Aragonese in Otranto a major exhibition pays tribute to Frida Kahlo, "Frida Kahlo. Una vita rivoluzionaria" (Frida Kahlo. A revolutionary Life).

The exhibition is promoted by the Municipality of Otranto - Department of Tourism - with the close collaboration of Turin-based Art Book Web and 3seizero.

The vicissitudes of Frida Kahlo's family (Mexico City, 6 July 1907 - Mexico City, 13 July 1954) mix with the history of Mexico at the beginning of the 20th century, traversed by a revolution that became a myth in the memory of its people. The exhibition addresses, also through in-depth texts, the relationship with illness, the intense love affair with Diego Rivera, the great partnerships, the decisive moments of an entire life devoted to art.

"The exhibition," explains the mayor of Otranto, Francesco Bruni, "will offer an intimate look at Frida's life and her intellectual and human passions, emphasising her pioneering role in many social battles of her time. As art critic Francesco Bonami said, Frida Kahlo's art is immediate. It is somewhere between great painting and naïf, it is both pop and folkloric. This is why we believe that the exhibition will contribute to a deeper understanding of an artist who is much loved by the general public and will certainly be one of the main attractions of our cultural offer for spring-summer 2024, enhancing that prestigious container that has been the Otranto Castle in recent years'.

The exhibition allows us to get to the heart of Frida's tormented biography, told through photographs taken by Guillermo Kahlo during her childhood and youth, as well as by some of the greatest photographers of the time: among them Edward Weston, Lucienne Bloch, Nickolas Muray, Leo Matiz, Manuel and Lola Alvarez Bravo.
Alongside the artist is often portrayed Diego Rivera, the painter and muralist with whom he shared an intense and turbulent relationship that spanned much of his life. The exhibition also features a group of small, very intimate photographs of Frida, taken in polaroid format by gallery owner Julien Levy, and a photographic documentation of the famous Casa Azul.

Logistic info at the link below (in Italian).

Click here for a video of the exhibition.