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Frida among the "Women out of the shadow" by Alessandra Fallucchi on stage in Rome on Mar 2-3

28 February 2024

Always attentive to women's issues, the ZERKALO company and director Alessandra Fallucchi have decided to propose "Women out of the shadow": Stories of extraordinary women" ("Donne fuori dall'ombra: storie di artiste straordinarie"), a show dedicated to great women of the past who changed history, becoming reference figures in the world of the arts.

The scene represents a studio full of books and papers. A young writer, ideally painted on the life and figure of Sibilla Aleramo, her contemporary alter ego, seeks inspiration in the exploits of great women artists of the past to find inspiration for her new writing project.
She reads and studies some of the most interesting women artists of the late 19th and early 20th century and in this immersion in the past, she imagines conversing with them, recording their personal stories and existential reflections as women/wives/mothers/lovers/artists.
The director accompanies this journey into the past, trying to restore the atmospheres of the various eras and also to suggest with a certain irony the weight of their human and artistic heritage.

The dramaturgy is based on historical and literary sources and is inspired by authentic facts and reflections of the protagonists.
In no particular order the women represented are: Alice Guy, Sylvia Plath, Maria Callas, Frida Kahlo, Dora Maar, Clara Shumann, Jane Austin, Camille Claudel, Sibilla Aleramo.

The author is interested in recounting both the historical aspect and figure of these women, in the political and cultural context in which each lived, and the character and human aspect and the difficulties they had to face in order to create a space for themselves and recognition for their work, often even at the cost of their lives or their family and love.

Assistant directors Lorenzo Rossi and Arianna Pepe.
Choreographic movements Fabrizio Federici.
Set design elements and costumes Sara Bianchi.
Lighting Paolo Orlandelli.
With Beatrice Bertini, Ester Gugliotta, Lorenza Molina, Camilla Orecchia, Maria Grazia Zingariello.

TEATRO DI DOCUMENTI - v. Nicola Zabaglia, 42 – Roma