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Frida Kahlo multimedia exhibition in Kazakhstan

26 February 2024

The exhibition "Frida Kahlo – Animated Canvases"  will run from Jan. 1 to Mar.  25 at the Astana Lumiere-Hall multimedia Museum.

Almost all of Kahlo's works are featured in this one-of-a-kind showcase in a grand multimedia display, providing a rare chance to appreciate the beauty and depth of her artistry. Kahlo is a well-known artist from the 20th century whose paintings resonate with viewers all over the world because they are so vibrant, alive, and intensely emotional. Even though Kahlo's body of work is small, her paintings have the ability to evoke strong emotions and make a lasting impression on the viewer.

Kahlo's works will be shown on huge screens with music sounding in unison with the meaning and ideas put by the author in the paintings. With the help of modern technologies the exhibition organisers will tell Frida's biography, revealing her experiences and thoughts. At the exhibition, visitors will be able not only to get acquainted with the works of art, but also to learn more about the artist's life through an extensive information zone, which also reveals interesting and little-known details of her works.