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  • "Frida Kahlo, ma réalité" at L'Entre-Pont in Nice, France on Feb. 14th 2014

"Frida Kahlo, ma réalité" at L'Entre-Pont in Nice, France on Feb. 14th 2014

13 February 2024

"Frida Kahlo, my reality" is an impertinent and sultry diary, an irresistible self-portrait painted in the gold, blood and sweat of a woman in a man's world.

Next date: 14th of February at L'Entre-Pont, in Nice, France

Ballet by & with Bénédicte Allard
Directed & music by Clément Althaus

Bénédicte Allard has declared about her only-stage show:

"Frida Kahlo has always fascinated me, so I decided to give her flesh.
My encounter with Frida took place seven years ago, when I was writing my Master's dissertation in Philosophy and Psychoanalysis, followed by a thesis entitled "Frida Kahlo, Martyr born of collapse". It was then that she came to me as the glaring embodiment of an art born of pain and disintegration. I fell in love with her paintings and, of course, with who she was. Her paintings are her autobiography, reflecting every moment of her life, however intimate. Frida Kahlo, my reality comes from the years I spent with Frida, the long hours I spent scrutinising her colours and reading her pain.
Faced with objectivity and reality, this show chooses the subjectivity and reality of a Frida sharing her paintings of life. Filled with flesh, blood, madness, sex, laughter, suffering, melancholy and love, Frida takes her place in a setting of positivism and love, a great love for life and people, a vital energy that will never leave her: "Viva la vida"

Clément Althaus said: "The immediate effectiveness of Bénédicte Allard's text grabbed me straight away. My first intention was to be able to recreate this obvious quality of speech on stage. I wanted to create something lively and striking, capable of captivating us from start to finish, just as I was when I read her text. To work with the strange to the point of making it sensual. Exacerbating the strength of character without losing sensuality. Handling the power of seduction, tinged with determination, against a backdrop of hypersensitivity. To make us accomplices. To anchor Frida's works in the reality she so strongly claimed."

See below Bénédicte Allard website in French.