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Frida Kahlo in the world’s greatest artist top five of Dave Eggers’s thrilling novel "The Every"

02 February 2024

Art is given star treatment in Dave Eggers's thrilling The Every", which is set in a not too distant AI-fueled future. in a negative manner, too. All consumers rate, "like," praise, and criticize everything (a "consumer" is defined as anyone who consumes the so-called "content" of books, movies, music, paintings, and other media, which is to say, everyone). The way it works now in the real world off-page is sufficiently similar to make it seem obvious, if harmless. That is, until Eggers gives his characters the ability to collaboratively edit the liked, commended, and condemned sections of the text. 

Strong groupthink also permeates the visual arts in "The Every", where the greatest artists in the world are ranked by the "aggregates" of public opinion. The top five in Eggers's dystopian future are Norman Rockwell, Dale Chihuly, Frida Kahlo, Pablo Picasso, and Patrick Nagel, though their ranking may be debatable. In The Every, prestigious museums like the Louvre show off each piece of art's "aggregate" score, allowing spectators to quickly determine the quality of the work. 

"It’s speculative fiction, sure, but not so far from today. As I write this, just a 15-minute walk across the Seine from the Louvre is an exhibition of Van Gogh paintings at the Musée D’Orsay that includes an AI-voiced video simulacrum of the artist. “Hello Vincent” is already responding to museumgoers’ questions about his art and death."

This is an extract from the interesting article by Bridget Quinn, published on the Alta Online, San Francisco, which reflects on the very topical subject of the relationship between Artificial Intelligence and Art.

Read the complete article at the link below.

Dave Eggers will appear next Feb. 15th in conversation with San Francisco California Book Club host John Freeman and special guest Caterina Fake to discuss his novel via Zoom (link to register in the article)