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Emeli Sandé‰ visits Mexico to discover Frida

22 May 2014

"Under My Skin: Emeli Sandé‰ in Search of Frida Kahlo" was shown on ITV (Sunday, May 11).

When musician Emeli Sandé‰ gave up her training as a medical student and was seeking inspiration for her first album, she had a tattoo of the artist Frida Kahlo inked onto her forearm.
As an artist she is best known for her self portraits, but her work is celebrated in her homeland as emblematic of a nationalist and indigenous tradition and is widely admired by feminists all over the world.

Emeli is now herself a global success story.
In this film, she makes a personal journey to Frida's home town, Mexico City, where she learns how her heroine overcame illness, betrayal and a terrible bus accident to establish herself as one of the most acclaimed women artists of all time.

Check out this link for the story of the film and an interesting interview to Emili Sandé