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Editorial RM reissued the photographic book "Frida Kahlo: her photos"

19 December 2023

The book was out of print until its reprinting in October after being first published by Editorial RM in 2010. 

Frida Kahlo gathered an astonishingly large archive of photos during her brief life. Guillermo Kahlo, her father, was a well-known photographer in Mexico who captured his own life as well as industry, architecture, and other subjects. It is possible that his legacy affected the artist's ongoing fascination with self-portraiture and image-making.

In addition to developing a thriving artistic career of her own, Frida collected over 6,000 images taken by friends, family, coworkers, and occasionally even herself. Her treasure trove contains pictures of her life and Mexico, especially the times she spent with her husband, the artist Diego Rivera.

The collection, which was put together in the book that has just been republished, provides unmatched insight into the significant couple's life and career.

"Frida Kahlo: her photos" includes hundreds of black-and-white photos that were hidden in storage in the artist's Mexico City home prior to 2004. It also includes annotations and notes.

Once more, this edition gives viewers a deeper understanding of the relationships, tastes, and day-to-day details of two of the most significant artists of the 20th century.

Other info at the Editorial RM website below and at this link.