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"Metamorphosis" documentary by Dior is an homage to women, Frida Kahlo and artisans' craftsmanship

30 November 2023

"Dior Metamorphosis" is the newest documentary in the behind-the-scenes series of documentaries about the Cruise collection by French luxury house Dior. The documentaries are intended to honor the culture and skill of the artisans who create each interseasonal line.

A select group of guests were given the opportunity to preview "Dior Metamorphosis," which began with an introduction to Frida Kahlo, to whom  Maria Grazia Chiuri largely credits for inspiring the Cruise 2024 show, as guests relaxed on the plush two-seater couches of the projection room beneath the modern Parisian boutique hotel "Hôtel Marignan".

The real film "Metamorphosis" plays on the fact that Kahlo covered up her right leg, which was shorter than her left after being diagnosed with polio as a youngster, by wearing garments.

She stopped wearing Tehuana dresses, which are essentially an amalgam of a long skirt and a huipil (a cotton blouse with intricate embroidery motifs) in an effort to draw attention away from her injury. The traditional Mexican clothing's two features served to highlight her bust and draw attention away from her deformity. Consequently, Kahlo's style has come to be associated with the Tehuana dress, solidifying her status as a fashion icon among the greatest female artists. Through manipulating the direction in which people saw her physical vulnerability, she turned it into a strength.
In yet another tribute to Kahlo, the exhibition took place in her former high school, San Ildefenso, where she had long-term relationships with muralist Diego Rivera and met her mentor. 

The remaining sixty minutes of the one-hour film then delves into the designer's hunt for skilled Mexican women artisans that worked on the Dior Cruise 2024 collection.

More details at this link.