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“Amor y Revolución” on stage at Reims Theatre in Florence - Italy next January 2024

07 November 2023

“Amor y Revolución” is an original text, written by Matilde Sanquerin on 2018, based on Frida's writings which, through letters, poems, diary entries and songs, retraces the turbulent, painful and passionate life of the Mexican artist. Starting from the idea of writing a text that focused on the relationship between Frida and social and political commitment based on Marxist ideals, it was immediately evident how difficult it was to isolate her political life from the rest of her.

Thus a show was developed that tries to intercept the entire enormous semantic field that explodes around the name of Frida Kahlo, made up of Painting, Pain, Diego, Poetry, Alcohol, Mexico, Music, Revolution, Roots, Tobacco, Women, Death , Doctors, Love... Not including even just one of these elements means not grasping the essential complexity of Frida, the infinite facets that throughout her short life she expressed with a non-conformist attitude to the point of excess, sometimes even contradictory: a starting from painting, her main and best-known artistic form, through letters, poems, tehuana dresses and flowers in her hair, Frida has always tried to please herself before others, to demonstrate her strength at all costs and obstinacy in the face of suffering of the body and betrayal of the heart. Frida was perfectly and proudly aware of her complexity, so much so that she often used the theme of the double to talk about herself, about the distinction between two of her souls, opposite and complementary.

This otherness finds its deepest representation in the painting "The Two Fridas", a source of inspiration in the writing and staging of "Amor y Revolución": on stage two actresses, two souls, two Fridas, and with them the Music, for also tell what words cannot.

12-13 January 2024 - Info at the Reims Theatre website below (in Italian).