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"Hasta siempre, Frida!" theatre play at Teatro 7 Off in Rome (Italy) from 2 to 5 November 2023

26 October 2023

So much has been written, said and done about Frida Kahlo, but not yet enough, because there are so many reasons why she is immortal.

The play staged by Danila Stalteri on a text written and directed by Maurizio Nicastro, delves into the innermost feelings of an artist who embodies revolution as the most advanced concept of modernity for its global communication, whether verbal, artistic or behavioural. Stalteri, thanks to Nicastro's texts and his direction, has been able to take a journey inside Frida's soul to find the reasons and contradictions of her choices, which show her being fragile and unshakeable at the same time, for having been able to transform pain and suffering into sublime creativity and bring to "illuminate a flower, hidden, of poignant beauty".

The theatrical performance 'Hasta siempre Frida!' was therefore able to highlight the innermost recesses of her being a woman, against everything and everyone. The result is an intense prose portrait, raw and direct, of a singular and talented woman, of a character who, even so many years after her death, still remains an icon of modernity and continues to enchant entire generations. This is why Stalteri was able to clothe her character with that aura of theatrical effectiveness that, on occasions of this kind, is indispensable for making the essence of the character played perceived. 

"After entire seasons as a comedian, becoming Frida Kahlo was one of the most intense experiences of my career. Putting aside the fact that there is no such thing as a 'comic' or 'dramatic' actor, entering Frida's tortured body, her broken heart, her lacerated soul, and at the same time her unbreakable strength, allowed me to plumb even more deeply my own being as a woman and an artist, at times misunderstood" - said Danila Stalteri in explaining her investigation of the character - "Even I in my small theatrical world am sometimes seen as a mad and visionary woman, and like Frida I too am fuelled by an indescribable passion for my art. One cannot help but love Frida and come to know her even more deeply and pay homage to her in the theatre!"

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