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"La Casa Azul, The Musical" will be performed on August 5 in Indianapolis, US

25 July 2023

The Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre's dancers astonish and thrill audiences with their talented performance, presenting a variety of dancing genres that flow naturally throughout the show.

This concert performance, which is inspired on the life of Frida Kahlo, will feature the Janna Hymes-conducted Carmel Symphony Orchestra, twenty Indiana-based singers, and Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre dancers.

For Gregory Hancock, his musical based on Mexican artist Frida Kahlo gives him the opportunity to exhibit a different side of his talents.

While most people are familiar with my work as a choreographer/director, I am also a composer/musician,” said Hancock, executive artistic director of Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre. “This is a wonderful opportunity for people to experience another side of my interests and skills. Honestly, this will be a dream come true to hear my music played by the Carmel Symphony Orchestra and sung by 20 talented vocalists at the beautiful Palladium at the Center for the Performing Arts.

It truly is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me, and the entire cast of instrumentalists, vocalists, dancers, directors and audience.

“Previous productions have been the presentation of the complete theatrical musical experience,” Hancock said. “This production is a concert version with the focus of the music of ‘La Casa Azul.’ Concert versions of musicals allow the audience to focus solely on the music and have a different and unique perspective of a production. Of course, because it is a sung-through musical, the audience will still understand the narrative of the storyline. The vocalists will be dressed in evening attire and staging is more minimal without all the usual stage action to aid in progressing the storyline.”

taken from the article Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre presents concert version of ‘La Casa Azul’

Original Music: Gregory Glade
Lyrics: Kate Ayers and Gregory Glade
Orchestrations: Nicholas Cline
Stage Direction: Georgina Escobar
Vocal Direction: Tammy Anderson
Choreography: Gregory Glade