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  • A new opera about Frida and Diego will make its world premiere in San Diego on Oct.29

A new opera about Frida and Diego will make its world premiere in San Diego on Oct.29

19 October 2022

"El último sueño de Frida y Diego" ("The Last Dream of Frida and Diego"), written by Grammy-winning composer Gabriela Lena Frank,  features a libretto by Pulitzer-winning playwright Nico Cruz.

They imagine Frida getting over her reluctance to come back from the other world. On the Day of the Dead, she is called back with a mission: to accompany her husband, Diego Rivera, to the beyond. She is drawn in by the possibility of getting another chance to paint.

"During the celebration of Día de muertos (Day of the Dead), surrounded by candles and the fragrance of marigolds, the great muralist Diego Rivera longs to see his deceased wife Frida Kahlo once more. Catrina, the keeper of the souls, approaches Frida in the afterlife, and explains that Diego desperately needs his beloved wife as the end of his life approaches. For only 24 hours, Frida and Diego will relive their tumultuous love through their paintings and embrace the passion they shared."

The opera features an international cast of stars including mezzo-soprano Guadalupe Paz as Frida, baritone Alfredo Daza as Diego, soprano Maria Katzarava as Catrina, and countertenor Key’mon Murrah as Leonardo. Directed by Lorena Maza and conducted by Roberto Kalb.

Sung in Spanish with English/Spanish text projected above the stage.

San Diego Civic Theater, 1100 Third Avenue. Info and 2022 dates at the link below.

Read here an interesting article by The New York Times about the story and the characters of the show.  

Click here for the synopsis and all the details about the 2023 dates by the San Francisco Opera website. 

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