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“Mexican Geniuses: A Frida and Diego Immersive Experience” in Washington DC from August 19th

11 August 2022

This exhibitions is the first immersive experience showing the life and work of Frida and Diego featuring innovative technology and projections of over 300 images, including virtual reality.

The VR component appears at the conclusion in the form of a nine-minute fictitious video that follows Rivera and Kahlo on their last voyage into the afterlife. Ambisonic sound is intended to give viewers the impression that they are actually traveling with the couple's spirits in the VR video.

The VR video required the work of a group of around 20 different creatives, art directors, art historians, 3D modelers, and developers. With this special element, the team hoped to exhibit Kahlo from a different perspective and give viewers a fresh perspective on both she and Rivera, according to audiovisual technical head Laura Hernández.

“It’s a great exhibition compared to other ones because allows you to experience the art in a different way,” Hernández told Technical.ly. “For me, that’s the important or different part or element [to take away] from this exhibition.”

“In the future, we are going to see much more interactive technology in the museums,” Hernández said. “It could be a step back because a few years ago, museums — especially science museums — had a lot of technology and interactive elements for kids. I think that the next step would be that kind of technology-related museum and experience for adults, not just for kids.”

Info taken from Technically.

Location: 1235 W St NE, Washington, DC 20018, United States

Other logistic info about the exhibition at the link below.