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British band Blossoms Announces New Album ‘Ribbon Around The Bomb’

26 January 2022

The album title was inspired by frontman Tom Ogden’s visit to Frida Kahlo’s house in Mexico in 2019.

“While on tour in 2019 in Mexico, I visited Frida Kahlo’s house. Looking at her paintings on show, someone had described one of them as being like a ‘ribbon around a bomb’.

“I immediately thought that it was a great title for a song and album because of the imagery that it evoked in my mind. I thought about how lots of things in life could be described as being a ribbon around a bomb in the sense that as people we often dress things up which have a darkness lying beneath them.”

The album - produced by their consistent and renowned collaborators James Skelly and Rich Turvey - will be released on April 29, 2022 and will be centered around a character called ‘The Writer’.

Tom Ogden explains: "The more songs I wrote, the more I realized that the writer referenced in the songs was in fact me. Having been so busy for the past eight years, I and the band have never really had the chance to step back and reflect on what we've achieved. You're so focused on the future; write the next album then tour. Your life is usually mapped out at least two years in advance."

More details at the link below.