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31 December 2005

  November 24th, 2005 - "Frida Kahlo y sus mondos" in Puerto Rico

The Museo de Arte de Ponce (MAP) exhibits Frida Kahlo and her Worlds. This exhibition presents a unique approach to the art of one of the most significant artists of the XX century. With more than 250 objects paintings, sculptures, engravings, customs and ceramic, among others the exhibition examines Kahlos work in the light of the influences of popular art, XIX and early XX paintings, photography and pre-hispanic art. Furthermore, Frida Kahlo and her Worlds places the artist in the background of the artistic renaissance of post-revolutionary Mexico, establishing the relationship with her contemporaries and students.
The exhibition includes almost 50 of Fridas works: 21 paintings on canvas, metal, and paper, 16 drawings, 10 sketches and two engravings and watercolors which she worked on from 1925 to 1951.
The exhibition is divided in five sections. Each one researches the influences in Kahlos art and the evolution of her unique style: POSITIVISM, A POPULAR TEACHING;THE PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDY AND THE PORTRAIT; THE MOTHER: THE CATHOLIC FAITH; DIEGO RIVERA, FRIDA KAHLO AND POPULAR ART; ARTISTIC AND CULTURAL EDUCATION. The last two sections of the exhibition are made up of first-class photographs of Kahlo in her famous Casa Azul, which became a museum after her death. These sections deal with another aspect of the artists legacy: the work of her students, The Fridos. This brings to a close Frida Kahlo and her Worlds, which not only show the fascination and power of this important artist of the XX century, but also her enduring influence.
The Museo de Arte de Ponce (MAP), Puerto Rico
November 20, 2005 - February 26, 2006
Read the complete article from artdaily.com website
  October 29th, 2005 - The Olmedo Platino collection in show in Santiago de Compostela - Spain

This is the major exhibition on Frida ever realized in Spain. All the paintings and photographs belonging to the Dolores Olmedo Platino Museum will be shown at the Caixa Galicia Foundation up to the 20th of january 2006.
Sede da Fundación Caixa Galicia , Rúa do Vilar, 19
October 9 - January 20, 2006

October 29th, 2005 - Frida and Diego at "pARTners: Considerations Rather Than Constraints"

This show at Kirkland Arts Center puts on display the work of artist couples including Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, Michael Spafford and Elizabeth Sandvig, Jacob Lawrence and Gwen Knight, Robert and Fay Jones, Michael and Marsha Burns, Claire Cowie and Leo Saul Berk, Gaylen Hansen and Heidi Oberheide, Joey Kirkpartrick and Flora Mace, among others.
"Artists like to hang out with other artists. Much of the attraction has to do with understanding: People who aren't called to creative endeavors often just don't get what artists are about. Still, when two artists live together, they face challenges as well: how to define their boundaries, who works where, how much to talk about process; how much to criticize or advise. There can be stress about how the success of their individual careers balances out. Each person's work can evolve totally apart, in collaboration or somewhere in between. All that diversity is what fascinates independent curator Deborah Paine, who organized the exhibition".
Kirkland Arts Center, 620 Market St., Kirkland
October 14 - November 16, 2005

Read the complete article from the Seattle Times

  October 29th, 2005 - UMFA Premieres Rare Photographs of Frida Kahlo

"A suite of portraits of Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) taken by her lover and famed photographer Nickolas Muray (1895-1965) are on exclusive view at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts (UMFA) . Many of the works are on public display for the first time in the United States after a brief showing in Europe. The exhibition, 3Her spirit is stranger than the angels: Frida Kahlo through the Lens of Nickolas Muray," provides intimate insight into the lives of these two artists with 24 photographs, excerpts from letters between Kahlo and Muray, and select pre-Columbian objects from the UMFA1s collection similar to those seen with Kahlo in her portraits.
"Nickolas Muray was able to capture and reveal the many complicated layers of Kahlo's life: her ambivalent passion with Muray contrasted with her dependence and obsession with husband Diego Rivera," states UMFA Curator Bernadette Brown. "Kahlo's loyalty to her Mexican heritage and love for her native land are also manifested in the portraits."
The Utah Museum of Fine Arts, Utah's Passport to the World, is located on the University of Utah campus at 410 Campus Center Drive.
October 7, 2005 - May 14, 2006
  September 20th, 2005 - Frida Kahlo is the inspiration for a tequila

"In cooperation with the Frida Kahlo family estate, Dorado, Pizzorni & Sons, LLC Importers is proud to announce the launch of Frida Kahlo tequila. This tequila is superior to others because it is elaborated in small batches through a 100% natural, handcrafted and traditional process. We only use the finest quality blue agaves and natural ingredients," said Jorge Gutierrez, President of Dorado, Pizzorni & Sons, LLC.

"It has been an exciting adventure to develop and launch a product that would characterize my Aunt Frida: her love for Mexico, her strength and her passion for life. Tequila, her favorite drink, accompanied her in the greatest moments of her life," said Kahlo's niece, Isolda P. Kahlo. "While searching in the region of Jalisco it was a unique opportunity and a great challenge to obtain the right quality, taste and pureness that would match Frida's expectations. Always taking care of the finest details, Frida Kahlo Tequila is a Super Premium Tequila that my family and I proudly present to the world, at the level and quality of the tequilas that Frida would definitely expect from her favorite drink."

Initially, Frida Kahlo Tequila will be launched in three major U.S. markets, including New York, Los Angeles, and Miami, as well as in Mexico, with plans to expand nationally in 2006.
  June 16th, 2005 - Fourteen poems after Frida Kahlo

Pascale Petit has published a short collection of poems written in the voice of Frida, titled "The Wounded Deer".
Pascale Petit is among five or six of the very best current poets of the UK.

See my "Poetry" page
  June 3rd, 2005 - "FRIDA KAHLO" show at Tate - London

Tate Modern will host a major exhibition of Frida 's paintings and works on paper from 9 June - 9 October 2005. It will include many landmark works, such as My Nurse and I (1937) in which an indigenous wet nurse stands in as a mythic embodiment of her Mexican heritage; The Broken Column, a harrowing depiction of her shattered body; Henry Ford Hospital (1932), which captures the lonely agonies of a miscarriage; The Two Fridas (1939), a chilling study of her fractured identity; The Love Embrace of the Universe (1949), in which a healing planet cradles her in her arms as she rocks her baby husband . The exhibition will deliberately not include documentary photos or writings. It will focus on the works alone .

Fans who can't wait until the Tate's first retrospective of her work opens next week can always content themselves with a little window-gazing at Selfridges in London's Oxford Street, Two of the artists' dresses, belonging to the Museo Dolores Olmedo Patiño in Mexico City,  are currently on display in a corner window.

visit Tate Gallery website

May 18, 2005 - TAOS ART SCHOOL tour "Frida Kahlo Odyssey"

This pilgrimage (July 31 - August 7) is designed for Frida Kahlo fans who feel a connection to this fiercely passionate woman, and who are seeking an informal way to immerse themselves for a week in her Life, Culture, Country & Art. The experience will be based in MEXICO CITY, to walk in her footsteps and immerse yourselves in many of the cultural influences she expressed in her art. TAOS SCHOOL have arranged a Frida Pilgrimage with unparalleled access to both her places of inspiration as well as every one of her paintings available for viewing in the City & surrounding areas.tHEleader, Larry Torres, is an artist, multi-cultural expert and professor who speaks five languages.

Visit TAOS ART SCHOOL website for further info on the tour


May 18, 2005 - "The Life and Times of Frida Kahlo" a new documentary on Frida's life

This film, premiered on the American PBS on March 23, 2005, is produced, directed and written by Amy Stechler.The film was shot on location in Mexico where Kahlo lived and painted at the Casa Azul, her beloved blue home and studio; Xochimilco, the city of floating gardens; Rivera's San Angel studio; and San Ildefonso, where Kahlo attended Mexico's famed school, the Preparatoria. Award-winning filmmaker Amy Stechler of Daylight Films was granted unprecedented access to photographs, paintings, newsreels and home movies, many of which have never been published or broadcast. Stechler's research includes more than 20 interviews with principals in Kahlo's life, including Mexican authors Carlos Fuentes and Carlos Monsivais and Kahlo's principal biographer, Hayden Herrera.The musical score was created entirely with traditional Mexican and period music. Some comes directly from old field or studio recordings found in archives in the United States and Mexico. The rest was recorded for the film in Mexico by contemporary folk musicians.The film is a production of Daylight Films and WETA Washington, D.C., in association with Latino Public Broadcasting.

See PBS website for further info on the film

  May 17, 2005 - Treasures of Frida Kahlo's wardrobe uncovered after 50 years

Hidden treasures have been found in the home of the iconic Mexican painter Frida Kahlo who died in 1954, including a wardrobe of 180 traditional dresses of the style in her famed self-portraits and earrings said to be a gift from Picasso.A two-year renovation project had just started at the Blue House in the Coyoacan district of Mexico City, now a museum dedicated to Kahlo's life and art, when workers stumbled on the collection in a back room kept closed for many years.
"We were all surprised by the dimensions of this treasure," said Ignacio Custodia, an administrator of the museum, one of the most popular cultural sites in Mexico.Many of the garments found in the Blue House are from the Oaxaca region of Mexico. Kahlo was inspired by the artistic traditions of its Tehuantepec Indians, a strongly matriarchal society whose women still make dresses in pre-Hispanic Zapotec styles.The find includes shawls, shoes and indigenous jewellery as well as the Picasso earrings. Also found were images of the artist taken by her photographer father, a Hungarian immigrant.
  April 1st, 2005 - L.A. fashion stylist inspired by Frida

"Inspired by Mexico's greatest and most shocking icon, Frida Kahlo, Louis Verdad unveiled a bold collection.
In Verdad's art, the woman whose last diary entry read, "I hope the leaving is joyful and I hope never to return" once again came to life.
Paying homage to his beloved Frida, Verdad sent out a procession of taupe wool suits, pinstripe petticoat skirts, chiffon blouses, and shoulder ruffle dresses. Immersed in the fiery passion of Kahlo, these creations were simply captivating." (from www.fashionlines.com)

Go to my "fashion" page for more images
  March7th, 2005 - "Frida Kahlo: Portraits of an Icon" is a great success in London

Neil Evans, spokesman of the National Portrait Gallery, stated that the Frida Kahlo: Portraits of an Icon, is a complete success with visitors. The press and the long lines outside the musuem have demonstrated this success. This selection of 50 photographic portraits of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo spans the life of the artist, beginning with a photograph of a four year-old and ending with the image of Kahlo on her deathbed a mere 47 years later. They follow the artist's transition from precocious child to famous artist, documented by photographers including Kahlo's relatives, lovers and friends, many of whom were also accomplished professional photographers. The selection includes both black and white images, and some previously unexhibited works in colour. On display for the first time in the UK, these portraits bring into focus the painter, the paintings, the patient, the wife, the daughter, the lover and the friend.

Read the complete article from artdaily.com
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  January 14th, 2005 - Frida's "The wounded deer" shown in Italy

From December 11th 2004 to May 8th 2005 the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto will stage a peculiar exhibition: "Il bello e le bestie. Metamorfosi, artifici e ibridi, dal mito all'immaginario scientifico" ("Beauty and the beasts. Metamorphoses, artifices and hybrids, from myth to scientific imagination").
Centaurs and syrens, fauns and medusas, dream visions and nightmare apprearences in the occidental visual culture.
The public will have the opportunity of confronting the ambiguous world of hybrids generated by animality meeting humanity: creatures linked to mythology or to the ghosts of the unconscious, "monsters" that have inhabited the collective imagination over the centuries.
A selection of 180 works of art to cover over two centuries of visual art - from Symbolism to extreme contemporaneity - through a fascinating thematic route confronting periods, styles and conceptual contributions, bringing age-long issues into focus: form Arnold Böcklin to Gustave Moreau; from Auguste Rodin to Franz Von Stuck, Matthew Barney, Max Klinger, Odilon Redon, Giorgio De Chirico, René Magritte, George Grosz, Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Arturo Martini, Alberto Savinio, Paul Delvaux, Francis Bacon, Frida Kahlo , Francis Picabia, Ana Mendieta, Francesco Clemente, Sandro Chia, Mimmo Paladino, Maurizio Cattelan, Louise Bourgeois, Cindy Sherman, Kiki Smith up to the la test works by Aspassio Haronitaki, Giuseppe Maraniello, Luigi Ontani.
Beside this fundamental group. An emblematic selection of older works called to evoke the cultural references, the "archetypes" of the western artistic production, on the theme of "becoming an animal": here then are Greek and Roman vases and small bronzes representing myths and legends, the oneiric visions of Albrecht Dürer's etchings, the wonderful "The Judgement of Midas" by Cima da Conegliano, "The Fowler" by Arcimboldo, but also the "Portrait of Antonietta Gonzalvus" by Lavinia Fontana, the "Hairy Harry, Mad Peter and Tiny Amon" by Annibale Carracci, Goya's biting etchings.
MART Rovereto
December 11, 2004 - May 8, 2005