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"Frida Kahlo. The life of an icon" in Montreal, Canada

10 June 2022 | 05 September 2022

"Frida Kahlo. The life of an icon"  is making its North American debut in Montréal, and will be opening on June 10, 2022 Arsenal Contemporary Art Montreal.

This immersive biography of Frida Kahlo is presented without reproductions of the artist's paintings in order to take a step forward in the development of new immersive languages.

It's a new proposal that explores the artist's biography through collections of historical photographs, original films, digital environments, artistic installations, collector's items, and newly composed music that recreate the most significant moments of her life, inviting visitors to discover the incredible story that gave rise to the legend. 

"Frida Kahlo. The life of an icon" is a co-creation of the Frida Kahlo Corporation and Layers of Reality - the renowned digital arts centre in Spain. 

All the logistic details and info at the link below.