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"Frida Kahlo. The Experience." at Mondovì - Cuneo, Italy

22 April 2022 | 05 June 2022

"Frida Kahlo. The Experience."  is a photographic exhibition and multimedia experience where three thematic areas follows one another.

The path unfolds in three stages which correspond to the most significant events of Frida's life. The visitor is ideally accompanied, right from his entrance,  between immersive images, Mexican atmospheres and colors, musical sounds and evocative noises, he can relive, on a subjective basis, what the artist's gaze has captured every day.

"We have chosen to offer our visitors - explains Alessandro Calabrese, director of the Mondovicino Outlet Village - an activity that combines art with absolutely engaging and modern methods, from the use of the Oculus to 10D. The combination of these technologies, the original contents and an involvement based on the suggestive experience, both visual and emotional, will make this project a unique and unmissable journey. It is the first time that an event of this type is proposed in a commercial structure ".

The exhibition is open from Monday to Friday from 3pm to 7pm; on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 10am to 8pm.