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"Frida: Immersive dream" in Toronto, Canada

31 March 2022 | 29 May 2022

This immersive exhibition allow people to explore the world through the eyes of Frida – the brilliant, uncompromising painter who created some of the history’s most iconic artwork. 

Strolling through through the Ligthouse Immersive gallery, Frida's works come to life on a grand scale and showing the people, events, and obstacles that made her the extraordinary woman she was. The mesmerizing, large-scale projections, accompanied by a ravishing musical score, allow visitirs to encounter Frida as never before.

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At the YouTube link below a preview of the exhibition and a talk with two of Frida's living relatives, about what it's like to see her art in this form.

Date & Time:
March 31 to May 29, 2022 – Various dates and hours.

1 Yonge Street Toronto, ON, M5E 1W7