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"Frida Kahlo's Garden" at the Haggin Musem, Stockton, California, US

18 November 2021 | 09 January 2022

This exhibition transports visitors to Kahlo’s garden to experience her world as she did, offering insights into the ways in which the garden at Casa Azul, the diversity of plant life in Mexico, and the rich cultural history of the country nourished the creativity of Frida and Diego.

"Frida Kahlo's Garden" is adapted from “Frida Kahlo: Art Garden, Life,” a major event organized in 2015 by guest curator Adriana Zavala at The New York Botanical Garden. Click here for info on the big New York show, the first exhibition to focus exclusively on Kahlo's intense interest in the botanical world.

For detailed info about "Frida Kahlo's Garden" click here.

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