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"Life and Work of Frida Kahlo" audiovisual exhibition at the Teatro Instante in Madrid, Spain

02 December 2021 | 22 April 2022

The multimedia exhibition "Vida y obra de Frida Kahlo", conceived, produced, and promoted by ACCIONA Cultural Engineering, the company's cultural management and production branch,  mixes cinematic and traditional museum experiences, including large-scale multimedia elements that set the tone for the show. More than a hundred works of art, literary works, and photography honor the renowned Mexican painter. The show brings Frida Kahlo's paintings to life with 2,500 animated photograms hand-painted by various artists.

The exhibition has been curated by Roxana Velásquez Martínez del Campo, executive director of the San Diego Museum of Art, and Deidré Guevara, who also curated "Frida and me" at the Georges Pompidou Museum in Paris.

ACCIONA turned the surface of the exhibition space into a symphony of color and sound, displaying more than a hundred images of paintings, photographs, videos, and writings of Frida Kahlo.

The creative event space, which boasts 1,129 m2 of HD projection surface (including walls and floors) and 38 state-of-the-art projectors, was constructed exclusively for this event by ACCIONA Cultural Engineering in an ancient bus depot.

The narrative of the event is divided into three main areas. The first section focuses on Frida in all her glory, combining her work with the stories of her colleagues to demonstrate her importance in both the intellectual and aesthetic trends of her time. The second section delves deeper into Frida's personal life, introducing the Kahlo family, exploring the artist's background and friendships, and digging into a pivotal event in her life: the tragic accident that led to her rebirth as a painter. The Blue House, where Frida Kahlo was born, lived, painted, and died, is recreated in the third part.

The sensory elements' creative and manufacturing approaches serve to reproduce and reinterpret the artist's picture style. To bring the elements and characters of her work to life, a thorough visual analysis of her paintings was required. Similarly, artworks combining photographic material, paintings, and collages were created to reproduce atmospheres and contextualize events in Frida's life, indicating a committed and surreal portrayal of Frida's universe.

Each scene is accompanied by an original musical soundtrack composed by Goya-nominated composer and pianist Arturo Cardels, which creates emotional rhythms and complements the visual narrative. The tunes feature a wide range of instruments and sound effects, as well as traditional European and Mexican music, which is a clear nod to the artist's roots.

The Budapest Art Orchestra, conducted by Peter Pejtsik, recorded the soundtrack.

YouTube video here.

Follow the link below for the event website.