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"Frida Kahlo's Garden" in Carlsbad, CA, US

01 September 2021 | 20 October 2021

"Frida Kahlo's Garden" is adapted from “Frida Kahlo: Art Garden, Life,” a major event organized in 2015 by guest curator Adriana Zavala at The New York Botanical Garden (click here for info about  “Frida Kahlo: Art Garden, Life,”a YouTube video, link to an interesting article by The Guardian).

You might think that there’s nothing new to say about Kahlo, but this exhibition isn’t about her biography, her physical suffering or a psychosexual interpretation,” says the exhibition’s curator, Adriana Zavala, an associate professor at Tufts University. “We’re focusing on the extent to which Kahlo’s work was grounded in science and her relationship with the natural world.” (from The Guardian)

Visitors will explore:
    ◦    Iconic Photographs of the artist and her home and garden
    ◦    Reproductions of several of her paintings
    ◦    Information about native Mexican plants that were grown in her garden
    ◦    A dress from the Mexican state of Oaxaca where Kahlo sourced many of her dresses
    ◦    Examples of folk art collected by Kahlo and Rivera
    ◦    Mexican culture, including traditional festivities, food and drink, and agricultural practices

Funded by National Endowment of the Humanities and traveled by Exhibits USA.

See all the activity program at the link below.