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"Frida Kahlo – Il Caos Dentro", Palazzo Fondi, Naples, Italy

11 September 2021 | 23 January 2022

After Rome and Milan, the city of Naples will host this original exhibition dedicated to Frida, a technological sensory journey capable of immersing the visitor in her life, exploring her artistic, human and spiritual dimensions.

The thematic exhibition path, spread  over the 500 m2 space at the Palazzo Fondi in Naples, will lead the visitor directly into Frida and Diego's life.

The exhibition indeed offers the perfect reconstruction of the spaces in which they lived, such as the study and the bedroom; drawings, diary pages, everyday objects, clothes, jewels and exclusive photographs taken at the time by Leo Matiz, a very good friend of Frida. On display there will also be some original paintings never exhibited before from private collections, such as the Portrait of Frida that Rivera drew in 1954 or  La Nina de losabanicos also by Diego Rivera from 1913.

Click here for the detailed description of all the exhibition sections.

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