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"Frida Kahlo. Il caos dentro" in Turin, Italy

01 October 2022 | 26 February 2023

The exhibition aims to be a technological sensory journey capable of immersing the visitor in the life of Frida, exploring her artistic, human and spiritual dimension. The idea is to let the public enter the environment where the painter lived and to understand, through her writings and the reproduction of her works, her poetics and the fundamental relationship with Diego Rivera.

The journey begins with a multimedia section with animated images and a history told through the dates that marked the painter's personal and artistic events, and then goes live with the meticulous reproduction of the three most lived environments of Casa Azul, the famous Mexican mansion built in French style by Guillermo Kahlo in 1904 and a destination for tourists and enthusiasts from all over the world:
Frida's bedroom, her study built in 1946 on the second floor and the garden.

The section "The colors of the soul" follows, curated by Alejandra Matiz, director of the Leo Matiz Foundation in Bogota, with the photographic portraits of Frida by the famous Colombian photographer Leonet Matiz Espinoza (Aracataca, 1917 - Bogota, 1988). Matiz immortalizes Frida in everyday spaces: the neighborhood, the house and the garden, the study.

On the upper floor the exhibition continues with a section dedicated to Diego Rivera (Guanajuato, 1886 - Mexico City, 1957): here we find the most evocative letters that Frida wrote to her husband, as well as a room dedicated to culture and popular art in Mexico.The focus on Mexican tradition continues with the area dedicated to some of the best known murals made by Diego Rivera in various parts of the world: the twenty-seven wall panels that make up the Detroit Industry Mural (Detroit, 1932) will be projected in their entirety and in few details, the Pan American Unity Mural (San Francisco, 1940) and Sueño de una tarde dominical en la Alameda Central (Mexico City).

The section "Frida and her double"exhibits reproductions in modlight format of fifteen of the best known self-portraits that Frida made during her artistic career, including Self-portrait with necklace (1933), Self-portrait with braid (1941), Self-portrait with monkeys (1945), The broken column (1944), The wounded deer (1946), Diego and I (1949). The modlight is a particular form of homogeneous backlighting, in which each previously digitized painting is reproduced on a special film while keeping the original dimensions unchanged.

Confirming the great global fame that Frida enjoys, the exhibition continues with a Collection of stamps in which she has been portrayed, a unique collection with the issues of different states.

The itinerary also includes Frida's original work from 1938 Piden Aeroplanos y les dan Alas de Petate ("They ask for airplanes and give them straw wings") and six original watercolor lithographs by Diego Rivera.

The final space is reserved to the playful part of the exhibition: the 10D multimedia room combines very high resolution videos, sounds and special effects and is a very exciting augmented reality sensory experience, suitable for young and old.

The exhibition is produced by Navigare with the Municipality of Milan, with the collaboration of the Mexican Consulate in Milan, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Mexico, the Leo Matiz Foundation, Banco del Mexico, the Mexican Gallery Oscar Roman, the Detroit Institute of Arts and the Museo Estudio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo.

Mastio della Cittadella
Corso Galileo Ferraris, 0 - Torino

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