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"Viva la Vida. Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera" in Moscow

21 December 2018 | 22 February 2019

The work of both Mexican artists is exhibited for the first time in Russia. A unique exhibition project that not only shows their masterpieces, but traces the main milestones of their creative path and tells the story of their relationship. The exhibition is complemented by numerous photographs and documentaries about the life and work of artists.

At the exhibition, works by Frida and Diego are placed in different colored halls and meet in the central part of the exhibition. So from the deeply personal works of Frida, the viewer moves to the monumental and socially oriented works of Diego. If the paintings of Frida reflect a personal history of pain and love, passion and misunderstanding that accompanied the artist throughout her life, Rivera, with his art, directly appeals to the people, portraying folk life, the hard work of ordinary people, the struggle of Mexicans for independence. Until the last days, the spouses were united by communist ideas and communication with prominent Soviet politicians.

This remarkable exhibition was brought to Moscow by the Cultural and Historical Foundation "The Link of Times" and the Faberge Museum from St. Petersburg. The basis of the exhibition — paintings from the collection of the Museum Dolores Olmedo (Mexico), works from the collection of the grandson of Diego Rivera, previously not exhibited in Russia, works from the Pushkin Museum, previously unpublished documents from the state archives.

Central Exhibition Hall «Manege», Manezhnaya Square , Moscow

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