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“Frida in Venice, the Mexican painter seen by Matiz”

19 June 2016 | 17 August 2016

Leo Matiz, the tireless Colombian traveller who is considered to be one of the greatest photographers of the XX century, met Frida Kahlo in the 1940s. As a result, the friendship between the two of them gave rise to a series of pictures, taken by the photographer born in Aracataca, which reveal the sensitivity and soul of the Mexican woman beyond any form of physical pain.

The Ar33 Studio of Venice (Italy), starting from Friday 17th June 2016, will be showing 30 unedited photos, taken in black and white, aslo in colours, in which the Mexican painter and her private life results to be the main subject. The name of the exhibition “Frida in Venice: the Mexican painter seen by Matiz” aims to represent a spontaneous, fresh and funny approximation of Frida Kahlo’s personality through the filter of Leo Matiz’s camera.

These images, captured during a particularly scandalous period of her life, reveal Frida’s quiet attitude in front of the camera. In some pictures we can see her wearing clothes inspired by the European fashion instead of the traditional tehuana dresses. The pictures by Leo Matiz correspond to a phase creative and personal maturity of the painter who learnt how to accept her physical fragilities and her husband’s (Diego Rivera) prooves of infidelity.

Leo Matiz had been living in Mexico in the 1940s and affirmed to be in love with the light, the culture and the people of that country. Before his death in 1998, the photographer reminded of the first time he met Frida and Diego, admitting that “I met up with Diego Rivera several times and it’s curious how many things we now know about Frida Kahlo, were unknown to the people at that time. To me, she had a quite sad life. Diego had a strong personality and Frida was a fragile woman condemned to disability for the whole life. She was full of corsets and similar objects. Actually, she was invalid and her suffering was evident. She used art to release herself”.

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Frezzaria 17/33, Calle dei Barcaroli,

San Marco – 30124, Veneci

Organized by Ar33Studio and Leo Matiz Fundacion