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Frida and Diego from the Gelman Collection

26 February 2015 | 31 May 2015

Paintings by Frida and Diego will be on view in a group exhibition of 75 works at NSU Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale.

Featuring over 30 masterful works by Kahlo and Rivera from the renowned Gelman Foundation Collection in Mexico City, along with works from NSU’s own superb Mexican Modernism collection (a gift of Stanley and Pearl Goodman), this exhibition speaks of these artists’ fierce loyalty to and pride in Mexico and the ideals of its 1910 revolution. Among the works featured in the exhibition are Kahlo’s Autorretrato con Monos (Self Portrait with Monkeys), 1943, Diego en mi Pensamiento (Diego on My Mind), 1943, Rivera’s Autorretrato (Self-Portrait), 1930, and Retratro de Natasha Gelman (Portrait of Natasha Gelman), 1943.

The Jacques and Natasha Gelman Collection is known for its significant holdings of work by Kahlo. The collection was established in 1941 by Jacques Gelman (1909-1986), a successful filmmaker, and his wife, Natasha (1912-1998), two Eastern European immigrants who met and married in Mexico City, before becoming Mexican citizens in 1942. The couple was passionate about the art and culture of their new homeland, becoming devoted art patrons and establishing close friendships with Kahlo, Rivera, and many of their contemporaries.

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