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"Frida Kahlo - Her Photos" at the Opel Villen in Rüsselsheim, Germany

05 November 2023 | 07 April 2024

The 241 photos, selected by photo historian Pablo Ortiz Monasterio, are organized into six main themes, highlighting her origins, her Blue House (Casa Azul), Diego Rivera and the Revolution, as well as her battered body, her loved ones and her penchant for photography. At the same time, the exhibits also represent the art and the specific perspectives of other photographers from the time of Frida Kahlo. Remarkable photographs by Brassaï, Gisèle Freund, Martin Munkácsi, Tina Modotti and Man Ray are also part of the historical image documents on display.
Frida Kahlo had a special relationship with photography. Both her father and grandfather were professional photographers, and she herself utilized photography in different ways. She collected, among other things, daguerreotypes and postcards from the 19th century and kept photographs on which she put her personal stamp by cutting things out of them, writing dedications on them and personalizing them. She gave them to her friends, they were reminders of her deceased loved ones and they became an important source of inspiration for her paintings. In addition, they served their self-expression. Frida Kahlo was aware that photography was a powerful medium to convey the image of herself that she wanted to show others.

Through her photos, anonymous private pictures and portraits of her father, as well as the photographs she has collected from renowned photographers, a powerful document of the time and an intimate insight into the life of one of the most remarkable artists of the 20th century is created.

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