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"Frida Kahlo - The meaning of life" in Sanremo, Italy

15 July 2023 | 29 October 2023

Characterised by the use of multimedia, the exhibition "Frida Kahlo - Il senso della vita" occupies the Palafiori museum space in Sanremo (Italy) and is a sensorial journey to discover Frida's wonderful universe through historical and cultural references, documents, objects, photographs, loves and passions.

Curated by Vincenzo Sanfo, the exhibition presents the most intimate aspects of Frida's everyday life, portrayed for example by the famous American art dealer Julien Lévy, who met her in New York and became her lover in the 1930s. The images come from Lévy's recently rediscovered private archive.

The photographic section is also valuable, featuring shots by the well-known Colombian photographer, Leo Matiz, a close friend of Frida's, as well as those of other famous 'gazes' of her time, including: Nickolas Muray, Carl Van Vechten, the photographers Lucienne Bloch, Imogen Cunningham and Lola Álvarez Bravo, by whom a particular image of Frida Kahlo on her deathbed is observed.

Along the journey in Frida's footsteps, there are faithful, full-scale reconstructions of the main rooms of Casa Azul in Mexico City, where the painter lived until her death in 1954 at the age of 47. Then there are reproductions of clothes and jewellery that characterise Frida's style, which is still paid homage even today by great stylists. Also on show are autographed letters, personal diary pages, engravings, terracottas of the Maya culture so dear to the artist and her husband Diego and, lastly, the section devoted to the immortal fame of the painter, testified by 41 philatelic stamps from all over the world. Also dedicated to Frida is the luminous work by sculptor Marco Lodola, on loan to the exhibition. A special 10D cinema room with the 3D animated video "The Journey", about the terrible accident in which Frida fell victim in Mexico City, closes the exhibition. "We are delighted to present to the public such an important event that focuses attention on Frida Khalo," commented Culture Councillor Silvana Ormea, "the most influential Mexican painter of the 20th century. Citizens and tourists alike will have the opportunity to discover or understand in greater depth the world of this extraordinary artist and woman, an icon of freedom, through a fascinating multimedia journey made up of documents, objects and images. I am certain that the originality of the exhibition's contents will capture the attention of many. I would like to thank the organisers and the curator of the exhibition, Vincenzo Sanfo, for choosing our city, which thus becomes the venue for a high-level cultural and artistic event, and I hope for new forms of collaboration in the future.

The exhibition is produced by Navigare srl with the patronage of the Sanremo City Council and the Department of Culture.

Click here for pictures of the exhibition and here for an interview to Vincenzo Sanfo with other images of the show.

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