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"Frida Kahlo. Una vita per immagini" in Alberobello (BA), Italy

24 June 2023 | 15 October 2023

After the great success in Riccione (Emilia Romagna), the exhibition curated by Vincenzo Sanfo will be in display in Alberobello (Puglia)  famous for its "trulli", traditional buildings with conical roofs.

"The path under the banner of internationalization and cultural innovation of Alberobello is traced", explains Valeria Sabatelli, councilor for culture, who adds that "among the artists who stand out in the twentieth century for originality of content and expressions, we chose Frida Khalo, who has become an icon of the generational revolution and female emancipation, for her art and above all for the events of her life, extraordinarily documented by photos taken by some of the greatest photographers of the twentieth century". The exhibition is set up in the Museo del Territorio – Casa Pezzolla, protected by UNESCO and made up of 15 communicating "trulli", where the uniqueness of the rural architecture will meet with the images of Frida and her Casa Azul in Mexico City, which has become today the highly visited Frida Kahlo Museum.

For detailed info about the exhibition follow this link.