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"Frida Kahlo - Her Photos" at the Kulturhuset Stadsteatern in Stockholm, Sweden

04 May 2023 | 01 October 2023

Visitors will get the opportunity to view a treasure trove of photographs that have been hidden away in the Kahlo estate archives for more than 50 years for the first time in Sweden.

Frida Kahlo is among the most well-known artists of the 20th century thanks to her distinctive, vibrant self-portraits and unusual life. Her unique relationship with photography is less well known. Kahlo methodically gathered images of herself and her loved ones as well as representations of Mexican politics, society, art, history, and environment over the course of her life. We have the chance to learn more about the person behind the artist through the exhibition Frida Kahlo: Her Photos. We may learn about her background, her friendships, her romantic connections, her ongoing battle with her ill health, her political leanings, and more.

The exhibition shows 241 photos from the archives of Casa Azul (the Blue House), where Frida Kahlo lived for the most of her life. Several of Frida's possessions, including the photographs, were hidden away in a Blue House room after her death in 1954. The public first learned about this amazing collection in 2007.

The exhibition is divided into six themes that together form a portrait of the artist's eventful life: The Origin (Los Orígenes), The Blue House (La Casa Azul), Politics, The Revolutions and Diego, (La Política, Las Revoluciones y Diego), The Broken Body (El Cuerpo Roto), The Loves (Los Amores) and Photography (La Fotografía).

In addition to images by Kahlo, the exhibition also features works by a number of other notable photographers, including Man Ray, Martin Munkcsi, Tina Modotti, Edward Weston, Nickolas Muray, Manuel and Lola Alvarez Bravo. 

Go to the exhibition website below for logistic details, further info and other events (Conversations & Viewings).