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"Viva Frida Kahlo - Immersive Experience" in Hamburg, Germany

19 April 2023 | 07 September 2023

With its massive projections that cover the walls and floor, "Viva Frida Kahlo" invites the visitors to view the artist's artwork.

Viewers are brought intensely and in a new way closer to Kahlo's art and life, over a space of up to ten meters. While they immerse themselves in the hues and shapes of the paintings, a voice acting as Frida Kahlo uses unique quotations to take them through the artist's life, viewpoints, and emotions. A specifically written soundtrack is also used to acoustically enhance the experience.

Additionally, for the first time in Hamburg, art enthusiasts can go through the symbolism and dreams of Frida Kahlo through a virtual reality experience. 

In addition to displaying the works of what is arguably the most significant artist in Latin America, the exhibition transports viewers to Mexico at the "Casa Azul". The Blue House served as Kahlo's home throughout much of his life and served as both his birthplace and final resting place. After a major injury Frida began painting at the age of 18 with the aid of a mirror over her bed. One of the most well-known museums in the nation is the original house in Mexico City. The "Casa Azul" facade is now being constructed in Hamburg; its interior courtyard beckons you to stay.