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"Miradas de Mujeres: Isabelle de Borchgrave and the World of Frida Kahlo" in Naples FL, US

04 March 2023 | 11 June 2023

"Miradas de Mujeres: Isabelle de Borchgrave and the World of Frida Kahlo" is a collection and exhibition of paper dresses and environments by the Belgian artist Isabelle de Borchgrave (born 1946), which was inspired by the style and house of the iconic Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. In a stunning trompe l'oeil universe made of paper, Miradas de Mujeres (Perspectives of Women) encourages the observer to enter Frida Kahlo's House Casa Azul.

De Borchgrave creates a complete Kahlo world, complete with clothing, jewelry, cabinets, rugs, and plants, all rendered in paper and hues that evoke the artist's joie de vivre, a frequently ignored aspect of her work.

The show imagines a conversation between two ladies who have never met but who appreciate fabric, patterns, and hues equally. The living area, atelier, kitchen, dressing room, and garden of Frida Kahlo will all be available for visitors to the exhibition to explore.

Miradas de Women is a superb installation that took three years to complete and was totally painted by hand. The clothing, rugs, chairs, trees, and other decorations in Frida Kahlo's home were made by the artist using more than two kilometers of paper and cardboard. The exhibit provides a fresh and novel glimpse into Frida Kahlo's private life, which is surprisingly happier and more luminous than her creative output may imply.

This project goes above and beyond anything Isabelle de Borchgrave has done before. By asking the viewer to take part in a multi-sensory environment, Isabelle shares the experiences and impressions she absorbed when she visited the Casa Azul and the Mexican countryside,” explains Naples Art Institute’s Executive Director and Chief Curator Frank Verpoorten.

The unique exhibition offers a female perspective on the place of the artist in society. Talking about Frida Kahlo came quite naturally for Isabelle de Borchgrave: “I wanted to tell Frida’s story in a different way. She suffered so much but transcended her pain with her joie de vivre, her cheerfulness, her love of men and women, and her way of life especially. She was very unique, and her fashion was inspired by the dresses and fabrics from every region of Mexico. All of this resonated with me, as I am a big lover of fabrics.

Taken from Naples Florida Weekly

Follow the link below for the exhibition website. Naples Art Institute.