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"Life and work of Frida Kahlo" at the Centro de Convenciones de Buenos Aires, Argentina

24 January 2023 | 26 February 2023

The exhibition Life and Work of Frida Kahlo is a singular, immersive experience. Knowledge is served by technology and creativity, which allows the creators to tell the intriguing and mysterious biography of the Mexican painter without sacrificing the highest level of academic rigor. Acciona hopes to pioneer the technological revolution in culture with this exhibition project by fusing cinema, art, theater, and spectacle to create a new genre that puts the audience in the center of the action.

The multimedia exhibition, conceived, produced, and promoted by ACCIONA Cultural Engineering, the company's cultural management and production branch,  mixes cinematic and traditional museum experiences, including large-scale multimedia elements that set the tone for the show. More than a hundred works of art, literary works, and photos honor the renowned Mexican painter. The show brings Frida Kahlo's paintings to life with 2,500 animated photograms hand-painted by various artists.

The exhibition has been created by Acciona Cultura under the curatorial direction of Roxana Velásquez, Executive Director of the San Diego Museum of Art, and Deidré Guevara, Curator of the Frida and Me exhibition at the Georges Pompidou Museum in Paris. The soundtrack is original and created by the composer Arturo Cardelús, nominated for the Goya awards (an award granted by the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences of Spain) in the best soundtrack category for the film "Buñuel in the labyrinth of the turtles”.

The Vida y Obra de Frida Kahlo exhibition has been awarded the “Best Experience Design 2022” award at the Innovation by Design Awards granted by the American magazine Fast Company. It has also been recognized with the Red Dot Design Award, in the category 'Brand Design and Communication 2022', which rewarded the excellence of the project in terms of design, creativity and artistic quality.

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