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"Viva Frida Kahlo - Immersive Experience" in Munich, Germany

15 December 2022 | 10 February 2023

Frida's paintings and life are at the heart of this exhibition, presented using high-performance video projection and light and acoustic effects. The 360° projection makes visitors feel as if they have been transported right into Kahlo’s paintings.

"The immersive biography of FRIDA KAHLO© is presented without reproductions of the artist's paintings in an effort to push the limits of immersiveness. The innovative idea explores the artist's biography through collections of historical photographs, original films, digital environments, art installations, collectibles and newly created music that recreate the most significant moments of her life, inviting visitors to discover the incredible story behind the legendary artist."

At Utopia, the former riding hall in Schwabing. Logistic info at the link below.

Youtube video at this link.