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"Frida Kahlo: the Life of an icon" in New York, Brooklyn, US

27 October 2022

According to an official press release, the 90-minute walk-through show “will utilize seven distinct transformational spaces that allow one to step into the life and work of the Mexican artist who continues to inspire and be more relevant in the 21st century than ever.”

This immersive biography of Frida Kahlo is presented without reproductions of the artist's paintings in order to take a step forward in the development of new immersive languages.

It's a new proposal that explores the artist's biography through collections of historical photographs, original films, digital environments, artistic installations, collector's items, and newly composed music that recreate the most significant moments of her life, inviting visitors to discover the incredible story that gave rise to the legend. 

"Frida Kahlo. The life of an icon" is a co-creation of the Frida Kahlo Corporation and Layers of Reality - the renowned digital arts centre in Spain. 

The exhibition opens October 27 at 261 Water Street. 

All the logistic details and info at the link below.

Click here for the ABC news exclusive video tour of the exhibition.