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'Free-da', Frida Kahlo Today, in Istanbul Turkey

05 August 2022 | 15 August 2022

The exhibition, organized by the Frida Media Agency, brings together 33 works by 30 artists rendering  different aspects of the surrealist painter's life and works.

Before they create their artworks for the show, the artists were invited to imagine what Frida's life would be like if she was alive today and how she would produce her paintings .

Through their respective works, the artists offer the ability to take a closer look at the life and work of Frida Kahlo and create a link between the traditional and contemporary, the past and future. The "Art Ambassadors" initiative of the Art for Goodness Association will also receive funds from the exhibition.

The exhibition's curator, Feride Çelik, divided 33 carefully selected pieces by 30 artists into three groups.

The first section makes reference to Frida's early bedridden works, which included the artists' interpretations of her self-portraits in various media.

The pieces placed in the second and third sections of the exhibition represent the emotional upheaval in Frida Kahlo's love-hate relationship with Diego Rivera.

For details and pictures of the artworks follow the link below.

Taking place at the cultural center Yapı Kredi bomontiada, B Blok Akademi.