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"Frida Kahlo: Alas para volar" at the Fundación Casa de México in Madrid, Spain

07 May 2022 | 30 November 2022

"Frida Kahlo: Alas para volar" is  a major Frida Kahlo retrospective with a selection of 31 original works and 91 photographs, coming from private collections.

The so called "authentic exhibition", which can be visited until November 30, focuses not only on the complex artistic production of the Mexican painter, but also on her human side.

Thanks to the original works coming from private collections - one of them from the Dolores Olmedo Museum in Mexico - and photographs by renowned Mexican photographer Manuel Alvarez Bravo, the exhibition explores the biographical context and the intimate part; it invites the viewer to enjoy the aesthetic and understand the historical moment in which she lived.

Among the most outstanding works are ten of her most famous self-portraits, including The Broken Column, Diego and I, Self-portrait with Monkey, My nurse and I, Henry Ford Hospital. It also includes a series of videos and photographs by renowned Mexican photographer Manuel Álvarez Bravo, and an installation with pages from her diary.

A unique opportunity to enjoy her art and identify two important moments during Frida Kahlo's life and career (Coyoacan, Mexico City, Mexico, 1907 - 1954). The first, in which she portrays friends, family and acquaintances, influenced by the European tradition and the artistic movements of the time. And the second, following her marriage to Diego Rivera in 1929, when she incorporated Mexican elements into her paintings.

Four exhibition rooms that offer visitors the opportunity to discover more about an artist who managed to convey themes that are still relevant today: pain, death, women's advocacy, gender-based violence, relationships, motherhood, the human body, nature, pre-Hispanic heritage, and what it is to be Mexican.

Visitors will also be able to hear narrated explanations of some of the works on display, which they can download using QR codes.

The Fundación Casa de Mexico in Spain is marking a major milestone by showing a second individual exhibition of work by an artist who is part of Mexico's heritage, the first being Diego Rivera: Universal Artist, in 2019. All the money raised through ticket sales to this exhibition will be donated to a scholarship programme for Mexican higher education students to carry out postgraduate studies.

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