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Out of Frida's 143 paintings, 55 of them are self-portraits. 

She draws inspiration from a wide variety of sources, such as Surrealism, ancient Aztec beliefs, popular folklore in Mexico, Eastern philosophy, and medical images.


The Two Fridas: An Introduction to Frida Kahlo’s Famous Large-Scale Painting (1939)

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Google Art & Culture Project: Faces of Frida

More than 200 works by Frida Kahlo are available to view online in a vast digital exhibition organised by 33 museums and institutions including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and Nagoya City Art Museum. Faces of Frida, available on the Google Arts & Culture platform, enables viewers to zoom in on paintings and sketches by the late Mexican artist, and browse archival material such as letters and journals.

Frida Kahlo Corporation
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Gallery of Frida's paintings
Frida Kahlo Fans web site 
Gallery of paintings, drawings, sketches & watercolors

The Life and Times of Frida Kahlo
Where to find Frida's paintings

Museum of Modern Art, New York
"Self-Portrait with Cropped Hair, 1940"

Harry Ransom Center 
"Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird", 1940
"Still Life with Parrot and Fruit", 1951
"Diego y Yo", 1930 (drawing)


Gisele Freund
Portrait Of Frida Kahlo At Home by Gisèle Freund, who lived for two years in Mexico and became friends with Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo.

Nickolas Muray

Nickolas Muray web site

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