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"Le regard d'une artiste, Frida Kahlo par Lucienne Bloch" - Paris

15 December 2020 | 31 March 2021

Organized with the help of Lucienne Bloch’s granddaughter, Lucienne Allen, the show exhibits the intense photograpich portraits realized by Lucienne Bloch, Diego Rivera's assistant during the stay of Frida and Diego in New York in 1933.

Translation of the Press Release published in the Exhibition web site (link below):

"She is sitting still, in her hotel room, a cigarette in her hand, just below her “Self-Portrait with Beads”.

This penetrating gaze, so intense, her self-confidence, and the pressure from this double look, created by the painting above her, had a tremendous impact on me that day!

It occured that a few days later, I bumped into this image again, this time at the AIPAD PHOTO FAIR where I was working, still in New York, on another gallery’s booth. I was more than happy to buy it, and so proud that I decided to post it on Instagram. I tagged “@LucienneBloch” and a few hours later I received a message from her granddaughter thanking me for it!

Thanks to Instagram we started chatting me and Lucienne Allen who coincidentally bears her grandmother’s name.

This is how, almost one year later, I am so proud and happy to present this show of Frida’s portraits by Lucienne Bloch…these very simple and intense portraits, of such an important artist, such an extraordinary character, that was Frida Kahlo; who still inspires so many people in the world. It’s a real privilege to be able to share these images with her many many admirers."


4 Dec 2020 – 28 Feb 2021
46, rue de Poitou
75003 Paris