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This interactive ballet has been realized through the Digital Dance System - a tool created at the DIEM (Danish Institute of Electroacoustic Music) - that makes it possible to create interactive music in dancing. It is a wireless, digitaldanceportable system that converts the dancers movements to MIDI and allows them to control the computer music with tehir movements.

The music has been composed by Wainy Siegel, DIEM director, in collaboration with choreographer Marie Brolin-Tani. "Sisters" is a ballet for two dancers (Pernille Fynne and Sophie Konning in the November 1998 performance at an open rehearsal/workshop in Aarhus, Denmark) and the coreography is inspired by Frida's life, characterized both by 'joie de vivre' and productivity but also by her ilness as a result of childhood polio and a trafic accident which rendered her invalid. The ballet portrays the feminin and the masculin side of Frida Kahlo, the way she herself has appeared in several self portraits: as a beautiful, romantic woman and as a body wrapped in an armour of bandage and corset and the numerous nails she had operated into her poor body. One of the costumes is inspired by the corsette worn by Frida Kahlo, and the wires of the interface are exagerated and made visible to the audience. The other costume is more feminine and the interface is hidden.


"Frida Kahlo"

"Frida Kahlo"' s coreographer is Johann Kresnik and his ballet was played in 1998 at a Swiss Dance Exhibition named STEPS '98.

KresnikKresnik started his career as a dancer and for ten years, from 1968 to 1978, he was the director of the Bremer Tanztheater. He worked then for several years in Heidelberg to go back to the Bremer Tanztheater in 1989. Among his most famous and controversial works, we can mention 'Ulrike Meinhof', 'König Lear','Wendewut' and obviusly, 'Frida Kahlo' created on 1992. Since 1994 he has been working in Berlin at the Rosa Luxembourg theater. For "Frida Kahlo"'s coreography Kresnik drew his inspiration from Frida's life, and he aims to show us the ambivalent nature of this special woman through scenes full of bitterness, silent pain and beauty.



"Looking For Frida"

This ballet produced by the Asheville Contemporary Dance Theatre is a 50 minute piece based on the life and art of the famous Mexican female artist Frida Kahlo.

logo AsheWith colorful costumes, lively movement and some traditional music this seven act work pays tribute to an important female artist who suffered physically throughout her life, but maintained her creative spirit. The ballet is presented by 6 dancers in moderne dance theatre form.